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"FEDON S.A" has been established since 1971.Focusing always to the "Quality" in combination with an investing management culture, the company aims always to be at the top in the market of industrial bakery and confectionery in Greece.

In its main factory of 15.000 sq. m.in Nea Santa Kilkis, Greece, using production equipment of latest technology and big production capacity, "FEDON" produces a wide range of bakery and confectionery products, following the directions of the quality control standards International Food Standard (I.F.S - Higher level), British Retail Consortium (B.R.C. - "A" level) , ISO 22000 and ISO 9001.

"FEDON" produces traditional Cookies, Cookies filled with marmalade or cocoa cream along with varieties for fasting, or gluten free cookies, various types of Breadsticks, Sandwich cookies (Petit foures), Traditional Greek Pies (Pasta Flora),Chocolate sweets, puff pastry Palmiers and Twists, Coconut cakes, Greek brioches, Croutons, Cakes and finally a complete range of traditional seasonal Greek confectionery products for Christmas and Easter.

The main customers are all the Super Markets in Greece as well as several thousands of smaller food shops, bakery shops, vending machine distributors and the HO.RE.CA market.

FEDON S.A also exports to many countries such as USA, Great Britain, Germany,Russia, Canada, France, Sweden, Italy, China, Japan, Cyprus and Switzerland and Balkan countries.

The main philosophy of "FEDON" is the production of quality products at the best possible price, respecting all the issues which apply to Food Safety and Hygiene standards.

Quality Control - Quality assurance systems

"FEDON" implements in detail quality assurance systems IFS, BRC, ISO 22000 and ISO 9001: 2000. Proper implementation and maintenance of quality systems certified by the competent German certification body TUV.

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